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10 Best Free Copyscape Alternatives to Fight Plagiarism

The punitive offense of plagiarized writing is sometimes an accident, a misplacement of quotation marks, or on some occasions heinously planned. Plagiarism is when someone uses someone’s unique piece of writing and presents this work as their conception. It can be an easy thing to do, including another work of words within your writing work. While researching, many writers may become inspired by another wording, and accidentally mimic their style while composing their own original piece. The internet provides various programs that can ensure that your writing is as original as you are. These writing plagiarizing detection programs are used by writers and writer employers to ensure your writing work is free of content theft. The most popular and commonly used of them is Copyscape. copyscape Overall Rating 98% Value for Money 95% Features 98% Ease of Use 100% Customer Support 98%   PROS
  • Very accurate in detecting duplicate content
  • Effective and affordable
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Cannot Save Reports
The Copyscape program was released in 2004 by the company Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd. Gideon Greenspan assisted in its launch and co-founded the successful plagiarism detection program. The co-founding company Greenspan was also the developer of Google Alert which is one of the services which uses Copyscape as an extension. Copyscape is utilized by substance proprietors to recognize instances of “content burglary” in which substance is duplicated without authorization from one site to another. It is additionally utilized by content distributors to distinguish instances of substance extortion in their uniquely published workpieces. In essence, Copyscape is an online written falsification detection service that compares content to millions of possible matches on the web. Even though Copyscape relieves the website operator from having plagiarized content on their website, it limits the person with only a one time use per month in the free trial version. The premium paid account gives the user the ability to use the program more than once a month with a charge of 5 cents per search. This can become pricey to someone who requires the service multiple times per week. Although Copyscape is a favorite among the online writing community, there are alternatives to the program. We have composed a list of Copyscape alternatives that can provide the same if not better content value:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly   PROS
  • Fast and accurate grammar and spell check
  • Premium tools considerably improve writing
  • Excellent interfaces across platforms
  • Expensive
Grammarly alongside filtering every one of the website pages on the web for counterfeited writing additionally checks the ProQuest’s database for insightful journals, articles, news reports, datasets, and educational papers. This program offers incredible tools for writing other than plagiarism checking tools and devices. Grammarly is also the best editing program on the internet. It gives you the ability to write content that is linguistically correct avoiding errors and typos. Grammarly offers users two versions, a free version that offers limited elements and a professional variant. The free version of Grammarly highlights features like spell checker, style selection, tone, and a lot of other useful writing features. The plagiarism feature is available on the paid version of Grammarly, and so are other significant features such as writing profiles, and grammatical error-correcting tools. Grammarly is the best tool for checking the linguistic blunders all the more efficiently for successful and responsible writers.

2. WhiteSmoke

whitesmoke   PROS
  • Comes with a translator that takes care of at least 50 languages
  • A nicely packaged software made of grammar and plagiarism detection tools
  • Offers tutorials video for learning
  • Lacks an attractive interface
Like Grammarly, Whitesmoke is an all writing purpose tool, although Whitesmoke is a little more advanced, and used by professionals and businesses. White smoke is a browser add-on and program that enables toolbars that check webpages for syntactic, accentuation, and spelling errors. Whitesmoke is an overall writing enhancement tool for websites, desktops, and mobile devices. The most recent version of the program is upgraded with tools that improve client experience and learning upgrades. This product is well worth the money and progressively provides the writing solutions serious writers have been looking for in a writing program. The Natural Language processing tool in White smoke is an innovation in the writing world that uses man-made reasoning, artificial intelligence and algorithms to ensure elegant and effective wording in content. Content creation with Whitesmoke is made simple as the reasonings and algorithms break down your writings and give the best word arrangements and options in contrast to common words and expressions.

Top Free Copyscape Alternatives

3. DupliChecker

Duplichecker   PROS
  • Registered users can conduct 50 plagiarism checks daily
  • Very accurate and sensitive to even the smallest detail
  • Has a basic layout that can easily be navigated
  • Unregistered users are limited to just 1 plagiarism check daily
DupliChecker is one of the Copyscape alternatives that is available online for free. Its literary plagiarism detection tool is used to find out whether an individual piece is an original written text and maintain the validity by checking the substance of the report or composed written material against currently published pieces. Duplichecker likewise helps get references that are in the specific content or report to be checked for appropriate reference and references which maintains a strategic distance from humiliating results of literary theft. The incredible part about Duplichecker is that it reports the zones in a review or content that display unoriginality and can help expel even the smallest hints of literary theft. This extraordinary application is free, although documents larger than 1500 words require registration, which is a small price to pay against the war on copyright infringement. The Duplichecker free writing tools allow for up to 50 documents to be scanned and analyses within 24 hours with a registered account. Utilizing certifiable information sources, Duplichecker is intended to tirelessly objectify each sentence in a document or report to check for counterfeit writing.

4. Small SEO Tools – Plagiarism Checker

Small SEO Tools - Plagiarism Checker   PROS
  • No signup is required to carry out free checking
  • It has a free SEO advanced tools
  • Very easy to navigate through
  • Lacks add-on for the MS Office, browsers, mobile and desktop
SmallSeoTools is a website that offers writing tools for those who are writing content for search engine optimization. Their program ensures that content is appropriate for SEO with advanced tools, and best of all it’s free. It’s a practical tool to use for writing correction and flawless grammar. This is one of the Copyscape alternatives that is widely used for SEO marketing, article writing, and advertisement written content. The program works by the user pasting their content into the submission field. Then the program will divide the content into sentence sections, each section being run through a system of algorithms that compare each sentence string with billions of other sentences on the web. If plagiarism is detected in any of the content, the system alerts the user for document or content editing. Small SEO Tools searches through billions of recorded documents that are dispersed across the internet. It attempts to discover a different substance that matches precisely to your content substance. The device is really direct, and it’s significant not he grounds that web indexes loathe appropriated content and downgrade the positions of sites having them.

5. PaperRater

Paperrater   PROS
  • Provides Real-Time Results
  • No Installation Required
  • Fast Turnout Time
  • English Language Only
PaperRater is among the top choices for free Copyscape alternatives which utilizes artificial intelligence to enable understudies to compose better assignment content. The program uses Paper Checker innovation technology which joins Natural Language Processing (NLP), information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, and computational linguistics to create the most dominant computerized editing software application accessible online. PaperRater.com is utilized by universities and educational establishments in more than 100 nations to enable understudies to improve their composition and help schools check for literary theft. The services offered by PaperRater for grammar checking and plagiarism detection elaborate recommendations for sure. It takes the framework about two or three seconds to process data, and it’s available for American and British English compositions.

6. Dustball

Dustball   PROS
  • The most basic website for its online plagiarism scanner
  • The more text you paste in the longer the check takes
Dustball is an older website that offers those who find this diamond in the rough a plain text plagiarism detector. It’s a fundamental website that appears to be a website straight from the early ’90s. The landing page essentially records the submitted text and places it through a content comparison with other website content. It’s a simple coded website that gets the job of plagiarism checking done straightforwardly without all the bells and whistles of other websites, software, and applications used to check for plagiarism in content. Its structure is likewise extremely essential however ostensibly simple to use subsequently. There is a subscription that users can register for which allows for full documents to be uploaded to the tool from Word or other word processors. When using the free version, users can only copy and paste the content into the plagiarism detection box and run a comparison to other webpages manually. The Dustball scanner software does not clarify which web search engines it runs its inquiries through, it may just search through one search engine platform. Either way, Dustball gets the job done efficiently, and is a good free tool to use as a Copyscape alternative.

7. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma   PROS
  • Can support at least 19 languages
  • Supports the multiple numbers of files for uploading purposes
  • Offer free warning banners
  • Slow scan speed
Plagiarisma is a simple to use website based plagiarism platform which is accessible in more than 190 dialects. Plagiarisma is used all over the world and input methods are submitted onto the website directly where it will be scanned and checked for copyright infringement. Documents can be submitted for scanning by URL, transferred from a gadget, composed onto the site directly, copy and pasted, or utilizing various configuration methods. Plagiarism supports most document formats, however, the paid version offers more efficient tools and uploading options. This free tool enables you to reorder your substance of content into the container and select a few web indexes to run a text originality check. The final product shows results in a list of websites and destinations that contain copied content. The Plagiarisma website offers free and paid writing services that demonstrate the real substance of content creation.

8. Plagium

Plagium   PROS
  • Plagium give a quick search and deep search option
  • It provides the option of using either a textbox and a URL checker
  • No side by side comparison of the search results
Plagium is a platform which allows for content falsification tracking in multiple languages. This free plagiarism detection service utilizes search web indexes supplied by Yahoo or Google to compare your content with billions of other contents online. Plague doesn’t provide many other grammar tools other than detection for counterfeit writing. What makes Plagium so great is the perks that come with being a registered user of the platform. The platform software supports French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish dialects. Plagium also offers alerts and weekly newsletters to better your writing skills when you sign up for a registered account.

9. CopyGator

Copygator   PROS
  • Very easy to use
  • Great service, both in terms of price, tools and terminology
  • Incomplete result matches
CopyGator is a free service provided by a website which isn’t necessarily a plagiarism checker, but a plagiarism detection service. This service will screen your RSS channel and find where the substance of your content has been reposted on the internet. They tell you when another post of your writing has been posted outside of your feeds and published addresses. This is a surveillance service that monitors your blogs, and online published materials for fraudulent use by others. If someone steals your unique written content and uses it without your permission CopyGator will notify you automatically. The best thing about CopyGator is that it’s free, all they ask of you is to publish their badge on your blog, website, or whatever platform you plan to monitor using their services.

10. Article Checker

Article Checker   PROS
  • Errors are highlighted, accompanied by suggestions
  • Only copy and paste submission platform
Article Checker is an online plagiarism detection tool that is mostly used by article writers and those who publish article content. The tool is simply designed and is a basic copy and paste submission platform. The tool is free and requires no subscriptions, sign-ups, or registrations to use the full version. The tool detects duplicate articles on all of the search engines and news platforms where article content would be published on the internet. To save time and effort, it can be used as soon as you log onto the website and Article Checker doesn’t have any complicated tool extras, it just gets the job of fraudulent content detection done.

11. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports   PROS
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and free reports
  • The website produced an error message most of the time
Search Engine Reports compares your file to other files located on popular search engines. This platform is simple to use also, but it creates reports of plagiarized files and detects all copied data. Search Engine Reports searches across Bing and Yahoo for content that may be similar or exact to the content submitted in the submission fields. Although Copyscape is a good tool to use when ensuring you have the most original written content as possible, some alternatives offer just as much efficiency without the cost. Just because some of these plagiarism detection programs are free doesn’t define their value to writers who want to try them.


Copyscape alternatives are all good at what they are designed for, which is scan documents for fraudulent written content. Compare them to Copyscape and you might find that they are just as good, if not better.

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