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How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog? Here’s what you need to know

You must have heard many people saying that they are getting paid from Pinterest. Every time you would wonder how that is even possible.

As far as the common masses are concerned, Pinterest is a platform available that enables anyone to upload and save images, videos, and GIFs. Pinterest is getting popular among entrepreneurs who want to promote their products online. Users can share and save images on different boards with a feature called Pin and repining.  They can even interact with other people by commenting, saving their images, and sending messages.

As we all know, all social media apps have some kind of income-generating feature attached to it. For example, YouTube generates money from views and advertisements. Does that mean, you have to advertise something on Pinterest to earn money? The answer is yes. You can sell your products or promote other company’s products and generate revenue. In other words, you will be paid commissions for online sales.

Now, the next question that popped into your mind is that you don’t have any website or blog to promote any of these products. Well, the good news is that you don’t need any sort of resources or tools to do this. You just need an account on Pinterest.

If you don’t have an account on Pinterest, then visit the Pinterest web page, click sign up, fill out your personal information and click continue. A new account can be created in just a few steps that will include some questions about you. As you are creating this account to earn money, I recommend you to make a business profile instead of a personal one. The business account comes with a few extra features like stats and analytics. In the next step, you can choose the topics you want to promote and upload a profile picture.

You might be worried if this whole thing is legit or not. I understand that there are many scammers that are abusing the internet to make their lives easier while making their victim’s lives hell. This is the reason why Pinterest has some guidelines that every user needs to follow while posting a pin.

  • No false images should be used
  •  The appropriate description must be written
  • You must repin or share other people’s work
  • These rules are applicable to groups as well.

If you follow these rules, there should be no concerns about spams. You are actually helping businesses to earn more money and grow their economy.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog?

The very first way to earn money on Pinterest is through affiliate marketing. Pinterest is the only social media platform that enables the user to share any affiliated links.

Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of a service or a product to other viewers. The parent company of that product will pay you some commission for getting them, new customers.

When you enroll yourself into the affiliate program, the company will provide a referral code, specifically under your name, and you can share that code with your near and dear ones. Once someone will use the code to buy a product and the purchase is processed, the company will know that your code has been used. The company will pay you money for every transaction that occurred with your referral code.

Now, you will ask me how you can start. There are various courses available online that teach you about affiliate marketing. I have written some basic steps that you need to do:

1. Know your audience

When you start to promote your links, you must divide the people you know into groups according to their needs. Separate the group based on age and assign the theme accordingly.

2. Choose your niche or theme

Make a list of products and services that are suited to your targeted audience. You must keep in mind and stay focused on their needs and interests. There are various themes available to choose from like, crafts, food recipes, décor, travel, fashion, beauty, weddings and many more.

3. Search for the program

Look for affiliate programs for the listed products and services that are offered by the companies. You can go through the company’s website and locate the affiliate program link. It is usually placed at the top or bottom of the web-page.

4. Sign-up

Apply for the affiliation program. You might not get the approval from all of them. Some companies tend to have a longer procedure to approve the application. Different companies have different requirements for the program.

5. Create a board

Once approved, you will get the referral links from the company. You can start to add them to Pinterest. But first, you need to create a board for each theme you have selected. You can create 10-20 boards and add 20-30 pins to each board. You can see other people’s work and use it as a reference. After you get the approval for the affiliate program you must design an image. Then, you should upload the image or the pin to your board on Pinterest. Once asked to upload your images and save the board. You can use eye-catching keywords to promote the product and make your referral code stand out to make more money.

6. Add pins

Start sorting your boards and add pins. You can pin other people’s posts onto your board as well. You can add other people as a groupie as well and can start your own board group.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs:

  • PPL: This reward program enables you to get paid when a viewer subscribes to a company’s list. They are not required to make any purchase. Paribus, CreativeLive, Grammarly, etc. are some of the companies that offer Pay-Per-Lead programs.
  • PPS: This reward actually requires the viewer to buy the product, only then you get paid. The pay rate for this program is higher than the other. The affiliate programs of Bluehost and Coinbase are based on Pay-Per-Sale criteria.

How To Search For The Affiliate Programmes?

There are affiliate networks that can help you to find the best affiliate program for your selected product. These networks operate by getting the affiliated links from the company and they give a portion of the commission to you. Hence, they pay less as compared to if you find the program by yourself. Share A Sale, CJ, FlexOffers are some of the available affiliate networks.

How To Create Pins?

Before you start the promotion of products, you are required to create a clickable pin. Canva lets you create these pins for free of cost. They have various pin templates and you can choose one from them. You can review other people’s boards to get an idea of what kind of pins they are using for a certain theme. You must use a clean image and have a clear title that can be easily read. The text should be placed on top of the pin and you have the option to choose the font colors as well.

You cannot use the same graphic multiple times. You ought to follow some rules while creating these graphical pins:

  • Create at least 4-5 graphics for each affiliate link.
  • Use different pictures, colors, and text.
  • Use each graphic once at a time.
  • After a few months, you can re-use the old pins again. You can use a tailwind that will help you to rotate the pins on your board.

You should be able to brand your pins. Try to allocate a certain look to the pin that will help you to promote you as well. You should also decide the time of the day when you will release your pins, as this will help you to reach out to more people. For instance, if you have a board focusing on education-related material, you must release it after school hours, only then more students would be able to see your pins.

What Are The Different Ways To Earn Revenue On Pinterest With Affiliate Links?

It is obvious that the more you promote your referral link, the more money you will make. There are different ways to increase the promotion of your affiliate links. I have outlined some of these ways that are simple and ingenious.

  • Company Home Page Links: You can set up your pin to directly open the home page of the company whose product you are promoting.
  • Product Links: You can create the pin that will take the customer immediately to a specific product.
  • Course Links: You can promote your courses by making these pins. The link will land on the course page, once clicked.
  • Service Links: Some companies want to promote the services they are offering. You can design your pins to open the specified service that the customer wants.

If you think your work is done here, you have another thing coming your way. In order to earn more money, you would want to reach out to the maximum number of people. There are several ways that can help you to achieve that goal. Such as:

  • Earn Followers: As you are aware, there are some profiles on Pinterest which are more popular than the other. This should be one of your aims as well. You must create a fan base that will make your account trusted. You can start by following other people who are using the same theme as yours. As a result, they will follow you back. You must try to attain at least 1000 followers as this number will make other users think that you are really popular and they will be tempted to follow you. The more followers you have, the more people will click on the pin and use your code.
  • Board Groups: There are thousands of board groups on Pinterest. They are each created for a specific niche. These boards usually have more than one pinner. Let’s say, if a group has 2000 followers and you managed to get a position in the group, you will be sending your pin to all 2000 followers. As you add one pin, the group will help you to repin it. In return, you can pin some of their images as well. This way you can help each other to succeed.
  • Pinterest Tribes: Tribes are the groups that are only available on Tailwind instead of Pinterest. They work in the same way as the board groups.

Once you have done all of that, you should stay active on Pinterest and this way you can change your revenue from hundreds to thousands. While posting the pins on your board, you should be mindful of certain things, such as:

  • Be Consistent: You must stay consistent while posting the links. You should try to post multiple times in a week. This will give you more exposure and more viewers will see your pin. Avoid making errors while pinning the image on Pinterest. Use appropriate text and font. You can play with different designs of the pins and post of the most innovative one to your board.
  • Content: You must use original content that is clean and drives the viewer’s interest. You must be able to engage your audience. The more you post, the more views will come and it will generate more money.
  • Words: Use a range of words and images. You should have powerful keyword with a detailed description. Always proofread before posting it. You must follow the guidelines while promoting an affiliate link. You need to mention the word affiliate link in the text.
  • Be Patient: After all these efforts, you might be expecting a sudden cash-flow but it’s not possible to earn a big sum of money in one day. You must be willing to wait and be patient while you are in the process of gaining followers. Once you have enough followers and shares, the pin will stay over Pinterest forever.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a clear idea about how to make money on Pinterest without a blog. In a nutshell, you need to promote these pins and provide the codes to more people. Ultimately, you will start to make money.

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