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Jasper AI Review: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?

Once new technology arises, businesses are known to always look for ways to exploit it and use it to their own advantage. With artificial intelligence, the scenario remains the same. 

Since Jasper AI (Formerly known as Jarvis AI) was announced in February 2021, business owners and writers alike have wondered how to use it to their advantage, and I’ve had several of my friends and social media followers ask me about it. So I’ve decided to write this Jasper AI review.

In this Jasper review, I will be answering the following questions:

  • How Jasper AI works
  • Who is it for?
  • Jasper features & Pricing
  • How to use Jasper to generate a standard blog post.
  • Jasper’s pros and cons.
  • Can Jasper really help your business? 
  • Are the content generated on Jasper up to snuff?
  • Can I use Jasper-generated content for commercial purposes?
  • ..and moreee…

How Jasper AI Works?

How Jasper AI works

Jasper is an AI content generator, and that’s the sole purpose of its existence: to generate written content. And back in August 2022, Jasper Art, an AI that lets you generate images was added to the platform

You can use Jasper AI to write blog posts, ads copy, content outlines, emails, Amazon product descriptions, social media posts, and so much more. But how exactly does it work? What are its sources? Is it writing purely new content or rewriting content from the internet?

The answer is not that simple.

The technology behind it is GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), a language prediction model created by OpenAI and the successor to GPT-2. Both GPT-2 and GPT-3 were trained with generative pre-training, giving them the ability to predict what comes next in a sentence or sequence based on the previous input.

Using deep learning, the AI model has read millions of content including health, marketing, science research, fictional stories, webpage copy, ad copy, forum posts, and whatever else you may imagine, it understands how humans write and has the ability to imitate human language to write content.

According to the guys at Jasper, the AI model was trained up to the end of 2019 and has read about 10% of the published internet. Due to this, it is not aware of anything that has happened in the world since the end of 2019 to the present day. 

In the coming months, GPT-4 will be released with updated information and even better performance. This means that Jasper will function even better as soon as it updates to GPT-4. 

If you’re wondering how good GPT-4 will be, know that ChatGPT is based on GPT-3.5, an improved version of GPT-3. This does not mean you will be able to do everything ChatGPT does on Jasper AI; that largely depends on the features Jasper (the company) chooses to offer. 

Since GPT-3 stored everything it read on the internet to form its vocabulary and knowledge base when you prompt Jasper AI to write an article, it taps into that wealth of knowledge and through a process of selection and elimination, predicts what words to output as your result.

If you need to generate an article on Jasper, you may want to avoid being too vague while as well not being too specific. Too vague and the content may lack substance; too specific and you may get too little in return.

The model is designed to be creative. So while you may need to provide substantial information for Jasper to help it understand what you want from your content, you must also give room for its creativity.

Being trained to prioritize creativity, Jasper may go out of its way to include untrue details in your content, so it’s on you to proofread and fact-check everything you get from it.

Basically, the way Jasper works is such that you feed it information, it checks its knowledge base for what it knows about what you feed it, and it returns an output based on that.

Who Is Jasper For?

Without mincing words, Jasper is for people who need written content. This includes: 

  • Content marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Small business owners
  • Social media managers; and
  • Copywriters

Technically though, jasper AI is for anybody who wishes to write any type of content be it a blog post, ad copy, product description, etc. but does not have the time to write it themselves nor the resources to hire a pro.

It is available to whoever can access it and will generate your content if it has the information you need, whether or not you’re a small business, an international enterprise, or a high school student solving his homework. 

The best part is that it most likely has what you need.

Jasper Features

Jasper fetaures

To make Jasper easy to use and also improve the quality of the content generated through the AI, the following features are made available:

Jasper Templates

Jasper Templates

At the time of writing this article, Jasper has 64 templates available to users to choose from when trying to generate content on the platform. Templates are like predesigned briefs or instructions for each of the content types that can be generated on Jasper. So when you pick a template, it already has an idea of what you want.

There are numerous templates available on the platform to help bloggers, copywriters, YouTubers, marketers, and others in the content creation landscape. These include:

  1. Documents (boss mode): this template holds a host of workflows that helps you to generate long-form content, including ads, blog posts, blog post starter, email campaigns, landing page content, marketing angles, press releases, Rewrite, and social media campaigns.
  2. Content summarizer: use this template to create a summary of your content, which you can then use as either an intro or conclusion to the article.
  3. AIDA framework: AIDA is a framework that is known by virtually every professional copywriter out there. Its goal is to grab the Attention of readers, create Interest in a product in them, make them Desire that product, and finally make them take the Action of purchasing that product.
    It is a framework that is rooted in psychology and makes use of powerful storytelling, so it can be very effective.
  4. Blog post outline: this template prompts Jasper to generate a viable blog post outline for you. It asks for the blog post title, tone of voice, language, and formality. you can then use this as a content brief for your human writer or feed it back to Jasper to generate the content.
  5. Blog post topic ideas: if you’re out of ideas on what to publish on your blog, Jasper is at your rescue. It will ask for your company name, the description of your product, your target audience, and a few other things. From this, it will spit out a host of potential blog topics.
  6. Amazon product description: do you sell on Amazon? That’s great because you no longer need to wrack your brain to come up with a compelling description for each product. This template only needs a few inputs from you to generate them for you.
  7. Before-After-Bridge: This is another powerful marketing framework that works well in driving sales. With Jasper, you have it at your disposal.
  8. Content improver: do you have a piece of content that you feel is subpar? Or perhaps you wrote it a long time ago and would like to make it better? The content improver template is the solution. Just input the idea behind the content and Jasper will handle the rest.
  9. Email subject lines: email copywriters and online store owners know how difficult it can be to come up with attention-grabbing subjects. But you can now say goodbye to that stress, thanks to this Jasper template.
  10. Feature-to-benefit: a very popular saying in copywriting is that you should write the benefits of buying your products, not the features. But the truth is that it’s easier said than done. With this template, however, you no longer need to do that by yourself.
  11. Facebook ad headline: this template can help to generate different headlines for your Facebook ad. You can then pick the one you like the most.
  12. Facebook ad primary text: once you’ve generated the ad headline using the previous template, you can use this one to generate the primary text, and you’re good to go.
  13. Google ads headline: interested in Google ads? this template is for you. With this template, you don’t need to bother about the rules surrounding Google ads headlines as Jasper already knows all about that.
  14. Google ads description: if you get the headline, you also get the description. With this template, you can be sure you’ll get some awesome descriptions for your Google ads.
  15. FAQ generator: one of the best ways to conclude a blog post and cover more depth is through FAQs. To speed up that process, you can use Jasper to generate frequently asked questions about any topic.
  16. YouTube templates: these are about 5 different templates that are focused on helping YouTubers. There are templates for video description, script hook and intro, script outline, video titles, and video topic ideas.
  17. PAS framework: the PAS framework is another effective copywriting tactic that works. It means Problem-Agitate-Solution. It is particularly effective when launching a new product in a new industry where the target audience doesn’t even know that the problem is actually a problem.

Jasper Chat

Jasper chat was launched in December 2022 and is presently still in Beta mode. Since the launch and global acknowledgment of ChatGPT in late 2022, many AI writing assistants, including Jasper AI have launched their own chat feature which functions just like ChatGPT to level the battleground. And with ChatGPT becoming a paid service, the battleground really is leveled.

You can access Jasper chat from the left panel on your dashboard, and you can then go ahead to ask Jasper your questions. If you’d like an even wider response base, you can choose to let it include Google search data. This is a quick way to get answers to difficult questions and solutions to complicated assignments.

Jasper Recipes

Recipes represent a set of rules or commands you would like Jasper to follow whenever it generates content for you. Using recipes allows you to reuse processes repeatedly without having to re-enter your commands every time. Instead, you only need to edit some information and Jasper will do the rest.

Integrations and Addons

Like most web apps today, Jasper doesn’t offer every tool related to content creation on its platform. Instead, it integrates with a few other tools to deliver an all-around service. Presently, the only integration on Jasper’s website is Surfer SEO, a search engine optimization tool that helps Jasper to generate search engine-optimized content to rank better in serp’s. 

There is also the Copyscape plagiarism check that comes as an optional add-on to all of Jasper’s plans. On the other hand, there is Grammarly which helps with errors and also guides the tone of voice in your content.

To use Surfer SEO with Jasper, you must have accounts with both services and must be on the Boss Mode plan on Jasper.  However, you can choose to not have the plagiarism tool in your account, while Grammarly comes free of charge with all Jasper accounts.

Although still in Beta testing, Jasper integrates with DeepL to offer Jasper in over 25 languages. Being in Beta, this service is currently free, but we’ll see how much Jasper wants for it when fully deployed.

Google Doc-like Editor

I may be biased, but I haven’t found a document editor that satisfies me like Google Docs. But then, the editor on Jasper comes close even though it has way fewer features than Docs. the main thing is that it is straightforward and easy to use.


With the auto-save feature, you don’t have to press ctrl + S to save your progress. It gets saved automatically and there is no risk of losing your progress even if your PC shuts down without warning.

Paraphrasing Tool

Jasper’s paraphrasing tool makes it possible to rewrite content, expressing the same ideas in different ways to avoid copyright issues. Unlike most article rewriting tools out there, this doesn’t just replace words with synonyms. It actually understands the content fed into it and then delivers it in a different way.

Document History

Although one may not always need it, Jasper’s document history is an interesting feature that lets you view and restore past versions of any document going back 7 days if you’re on the Boss Mode plan. So if you logged out of your account, then came back to find your document empty, you can restore it in no time.

Muti-User Account

With the Jasper AI premium, you can add upto 5 team members to your account. While Boss Mode allows up to 5 users, the business plan allows more. This feature is useful for teams and businesses that have multiple people handling content creation. You can

Chrome Extension

The Jasper Chrome extension lets you go anywhere on the web with Jasper as your companion. With it, you can generate content anywhere on the go without having to log in to your dashboard. It can generate content straight into Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other forms of content supported by Jasper.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper pricing

Jasper used to offer two plans: “Starter” and “Boss Mode“. But towards the end of January 2023, the starter plan was redacted to a Freemium account, and it gives you limited access to its features. 

Now, there are two paid plans which are Boss Mode and Business.

Boss Mode

  • 50+ AI templates
  • Google Docs style editor
  • Jasper Chat
  • Compose & command features
  • Long-form content generation
  • Contact a human in less than 1 minute during business hours M-F 9am – 5pm CST. Live chat support
  • $49/month for 50,000 words. 
  • $500/month for 700,000 words. 
  • Custom pricing for 700,000+ words.

Business Plan Features

  • More than 5 users
  • Custom AI templates
  • Workspace admin features
  • Document sharing & permissions
  • Personalized onboarding & training
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom pricing starts at $500/month.

How to Use Jasper Boss Mode to create a Blog Post

Basically, there are two approaches to using Jasper to generate content for any purpose of your choice. You can go to Templates to see all the different preset modes, which, at the time of writing this, are 64 in total. 

Alternatively, you can use the “+” in front of Documents to access the Let’s set things up page. On this page, you can either Start from scratch or Start from workflow

The funny thing, however, is that when you click on “Boss Mode” within Templates, it redirects you to the Start from scratch/Start from workflow page. But for other templates, it opens up a new document right away.

To generate a blog post on Jasper:

  • Log in to your Jasper account. Typically you’d land on your dashboard.
Jasper Dashboard
  • Click on Templates on the left panel to open the templates page.
Jasper Templates
  • Click on Documents (Boss Mode).
Blog post under workflow
  • Select Blog Post in the workflows dropdown and click on Start from workflow.
New blog post document page on Jasper
  • On the left pane, you will see a list of the workflows, templates, and a few other things. From there, you can actually switch from “blog post” to whatever you need to generate next.
    This is a plus to the user experience as you don’t need to navigate back to the dashboard to open a new doc.

    On the middle pane, you have the steps that make up the blog writing process. It gives you control over the content creation process as it allows you to enter specific text for each section; very handy if you have an outline ready. You can also keep regenerating each section until you are satisfied with the output.

    On the right pane is the text box for the document itself, and the generated text will appear here. Inside the text box, you can see a placeholder saying talk to Jasper as you would to an assistant writing for you… You can input something like this: 

“write a 1,500 word article about enlarged pores and some available remedies. Cite existing studies supporting these remedies.” 

Naturally, I prefer giving more detailed instructions. But since Jasper’s commands are limited to 200 characters, we have to work with that. So here it goes: 

Compose blogpost in Jasper boss mode

Using the command above, you quickly realize that Jasper doesn’t respond to word-count instructions as the generated article came in 610 words, including the studies cited.

It also doesn’t break down the content into sub-headings, and in many cases, there’s no room for that after the content has been generated. Not so good for a blog post, I’d say.

An interesting fact is that you get a more interesting experience when you use Freeform. On the Freeform page, all you get is a left pane where you can input your content brief, select the tone of voice, and input some keywords.

This is what it looks like:

Jasper freeform article generator

And this is it in action:

Composing with Freeform GIF

Here’s my content brief in case you’re curious:

write an article about enlarged pores and some available remedies. Try to mention about two to three experts in this field and also cite existing studies supporting these remedies. Make it about 1.500 words broken into sub-headings, and don’t forget SEO.” 

In this mode, once you input your content brief, you only need to keep clicking on Compose until the whole article is generated. Although to get the best results, you need to edit your content brief from time to time.

Since I mentioned in my brief that the article should be about 1,500 words, I did not stop composing until I got 1,400+ words (leaving my brief unedited.) When I read the content though, I realized that some sections were written multiple times.

For instance, there was a first Conclusion, then some repeated content, then another Conclusion. This made me wonder if Jasper is at the end of its wits or if there’s just too little information about the topic.

There’s also a copyright section that got me confused as to whether the author is me, Jasper, or someone else out there. So I did a plagiarism check (only up to the first conclusion, of course).

First, you’d be surprised to learn that the word count up to that point is 512 words. Yeah, not impressive. CopyLeaks plagiarism tool also returned a 17.8% plagiarism, but that can be solved with some minor editing. 

As for the article itself, the content is nothing beyond basic. The information is too general without any deep dive into related concepts to make the content a masterpiece.

Does that make Jasper a bad tool? Well, let’s not conclude yet as there’s one more method we need to try—the one where you’re holding Jasper by the hand. 

How to Use Jasper AI to Generate a Standard Blog Post

If you’re interested in using Jasper to generate excellent articles for your blog, you must be actively involved in the process. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Templates
  • Click on Documents (Boss Mode)
  • Under Workflows, select Blog Post and click on Start from Workflow
  • The “Context Description” at the top lets you fill in the context for each stage in the process. Using it is generally optional.
  • The first step is the Blog Post intro paragraph which takes your blog title and uses it to generate an intro for your content.

    You can read the output and then click Next or Regenerate if you’re not satisfied. But note that you can’t go back once you click next.
Blog Post Intro
  • Next, generate an outline to see what sub-headings Jasper has on the topic. You can edit them or regenerate new ones, but once you’re satisfied, click next. Also, you can’t go back once you click next.
Blog post outline

Upon clicking next, Jasper will split your blog post outlines into stages and for each one, you generate the content before moving to the next.

This is where I love to use the “Context Description” box at the top of the page because I get to dictate the context of each sub-heading in my article, and that is the control or “holding Jasper by the hand” that I mentioned earlier. 

So for each sub-heading, type into the context description box what you want Jasper to write about and click Generate. If you are unsatisfied with the output, edit your context description and generate it again.

Once you’ve generated the content for each subheading, proceed to generate the concluding paragraph, and you’re good to go. Just copy and paste your content into your editor for further formatting and editing.

Using this process, I was able to generate an 876-word article on the topic and that’s without the disclaimer and references that were included in the first one. Here is a link to the article if you would love to see it. And yes, it is totally unedited.

Jasper’s Pros and Cons

Every service out there has both advantages and disadvantages, and here are Jasper’s.

Jasper’s Pros

  • Faster than human writers
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Uncomplicated navigation
  • Surfer SEO to help generate SEO-friendly content
  • Grammarly integration to control content’s feel and tone
  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • 60+ pre-built templates to speed up content generation
  • Can write in up to 25 languages

Jasper’s Cons

  • Generated content is not always 100% plagiarism free
  • May take a while to figure out how it works without training
  • It’s not a set-and-forget service. Requires human help to truly generate helpful content
  • Requires continuous clicking of “Compose” to continue writing content

Concerns About Jasper AI 

Can Jasper really help my business? 

Without a doubt, Jasper can help your business in different ways. 

  • Jasper can help to write captivating product descriptions.
  • It can help you write blog posts and social media posts much faster
  • It can help generate content outlines to give to pro writers as content brief
  • If you’re suffering a writer’s block, Jasper can help you get started
  • Overall, it saves you time so you can get more done every 

Is the content generated on Jasper up to snuff?

Generally, yes. Jasper truly is an amazing tool. With product and ad descriptions, you’re often good to go with minor editing. But with longer bodies of content like blog posts, ebooks, and the likes, you must edit the content and fact-check everything.

Can I use Jasper-generated content for commercial purposes?

Yes, of course. With your membership on the Jasper platform, whatever content you generate belongs to you and you have sole authority over its usage and distribution.

Jasper AI Review: What Users Are Saying?

If you’re hearing about Jasper for the first time, you may be wondering if there are actual people using the tool. Well, yes, and below are some feedback we found on the internet; both good and bad ones of course.

Jasper’s Capabilities are Nothing Short of Mind Blowing.

Jasper produces excellent content that reads well, is free of most grammatical errors, and is original. One of the best features of Jasper is the templates, especially the “One-Shot Blog,” which produces an excellent 500-word blog in less than a minute based on just a title. The long-form templates are equally as great, too. I produced three excellent 3,500- to 5,000-word ebooks in less than four hours using Jasper’s long-form template. I simply started by asking Jasper to provide a list of questions for each topic, then I had Jasper write responses to the questions I kept in the ebooks. It was fast, productive, and the output was excellent. Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, which provides excellent feedback for improving content based on keywords to ensure the content is SEO friendly, as well as Grammerly, which is a big help. We also use the plagiarism add-on, which ensures that all content is original. Text editing is a breeze, and Jasper allows you to create project folders, which allows us to segment content into folders specific to our clients.

There are no downsides to Jasper. The worst thing I can say about the app is that its add-on, Jasper Art, which sources artwork to accompany content, is mediocre at best. That said, I don’t need this component, as my firm subscribes to one of the large stock photo libraries.”

— Scott R.
Small business

“I highly recommend Jasper.ai

1. Quickly generates engaging and professional-looking content.
2. Automatically formats text and images.
3. Gives insights and feedback to improve writing.
4. Easily integrates with Google Docs, WordPress, and other websites/platforms.
5. Has a simple and intuitive user interface.

The cost may be prohibitively expensive for some users, depending on their purchase package.”

— Sebastian G.

Jasper AI Alternatives

As you might already know, Jasper is not the only AI writing assistant out there. While there are actually several, both free and paid, these are my 3 top alternatives to Jasper:

1. Writesonic


Launched in 2021, Writesonic has been termed by many as “canva for writing.” It stemmed from an AI-powered landing page generator created by Samanyou (Founder & CEO @ Writesonic) in 2020, and it’s based on GPT-3. 

Writesonic is significantly cheaper than Jasper. With $12.67 a month, you get up to 47,500 words. And with $32.67 a month, you get up to 187,500 words. Though that’s only if you subscribe to the yearly plan. 

If you’d rather pay on a monthly basis, $49 will get you 187,500 words; still more than 3x the same value you get from Jasper. The best part is that it integrates with Surfer SEO to generate optimized articles.

2. Scalenut

Scalenut pricing

Scalenut is another AI writer that’s way cheaper than Jasper, and it even has some SEO capabilities not found in most other tools in this space; I’m talking about the keyword cluster builder. It can be very useful for users who care about dominating their industry in search engine results.

The most popular plan costs $39/month and can let you generate up to 30 SEO articles per month. Another interesting feature is the 1-Click WordPress publish which is quite easy to use and can benefit users who don’t want to go into their WordPress dashboards before publishing their articles.

The only caveat is that it may take some time to get a hang of the advanced features, but once you master them, they can help with your productivity.

3. Copysmith


Copysmith is the third AI writer that I find interesting enough to compete against Jasper. Although its strength is geared more toward writing product descriptions for different platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, and others, it can also generate blog posts and rewrite old content.

In terms of pricing, it is pretty close to Jasper’s, so it’s not really an option if you’re looking for a cheaper tool. The starter plan costs $19 a month and lets you generate up to 20,000 words, the professional plan is $59 monthly and can generate up to 80,000 words, while the startup plan costs $299 a month and can generate unlimited words.

Last Words

Jasper is a good tool that has helped numerous people in different ways including me. Some business owners reported having used it for their content. Some writers said it helps deal with writer’s block. Other writers use it to augment their process, and so on.

While the AI model is fair, the learning curve may be a little difficult to navigate at first. But once you master how to use it properly , you can generate a complete, well-written article in a matter of minutes.

It is always a good idea to try out a product before paying for it. Jasper has a 5-day money-back guarantee without contracts. If you try it out but still don’t like it, cancel your subscription from your account and you will be refunded.

Learn How to Setup & grow Online Business With AI

Once new technology arises, businesses are known to always look for ways to exploit it and use it to their own advantage. With artificial intelligence, the scenario remains the same.  Since Jasper AI (Formerly known as Jarvis AI) was announced in February 2021, business owners...Jasper AI Review: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?