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10 Mind-Blowing ChatGPT Alternatives to Try Today

ChatGPT has revolutionized the complete platform of the tech industry by being one of the biggest players in AI market.

After GPT 3.5, GPT-4 came to increase efficiency, reasoning capabilities, etc but we have many other better alternatives too.

In this blog, we’ll examine the top 10 AI Chatbots that are the finest alternatives to ChatGPT.

Each alternative we have discussed in this blog has special qualities and advantages, and we’ll give you a quick rundown of each one to aid you in choosing the one that best suits your requirements.

ChatGPT AlternativesBest ForDomains Famous For
ChatSonicGeneration of AI VisualsDifferent Persona TalksBest ChatGPT Alternative for Communication
Google Bard AISummarizing articles, blogs, etc.Data interpretation with graphs, charts, etc.Best ChatGPT Alternative for Data Visualization
Microsoft Bing AIPlanning schedules for travel or food recipes.Best Travel-Based ChatGPT Alternative
ReplikaCommunication on Relationships and FriendshipsUltimate Gaming ArenaBest ChatGPT Alternative for Relationships & Friendships
Perplexity AIProfessionals who need authentic data from LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.Best ChatGPT Alternative for Content Creation & Writing Assistant
ChatGenieSocial Media Posts and Content CreationLanguage ProcessingBest ChatGPT Alternative for Social Media Management
ChinchillaAI Visuals Creation, Search Engine, and Project WritingBest ChatGPT Alternative for AI Art
OpenAI PlaygroundTechnical Functioning of CommandsBest ChatGPT Alternative for Model Experiments
YouChatPlatform-based reviews and basic searchesBest Coding Alternative of ChatGPT
DialoGPTPlatform based reviews and basic searchesBest ChatGPT Alternative for Experimenting on Reddit Phrases

What does ChatGPT mean?

ChatGPT stands for “Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and is a huge language model chatbot. Initially, it was built on GPT-3, which has been experted on trillions of online phrases.

ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot that understands, responds to, and, most crucially, can generate text in response to human input. The AI research center, OpenAI was created by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, who created the ChatGPT tool as well in which GPT-3 acts as a brainchild.

In comparison to other standard AI platforms, ChatGPT has been trained on a trillion data sets to provide more accurate and intelligent responses. As a result, different sectors have implemented this tech into their daily working style, either for creating content or getting program codes. This had modified the way of thinking for every individual in the industry and it’s evolving rapidly too.

There were two plans proposed by OpenAI for the ChatGPT platform such as:

  • Free ChatGPT Plan
  • ChatGPT Plus Feature – $20 per month for personal uses and $42 per month for professional purposes.

Reasons to go for ChatGPT Alternatives

As per the ongoing revolution in the AI world, ChatGPT played a major role in all the sectors such as IT, Travel & Tourism, Academics, etc. But several other alternatives are available too, which are worth trying because of their advanced features and facilities.

Some of the important reasons to shift to another platform other than ChatGPT are:

  • Inaccurate Outputs

By asking the question “Who is the creator of the Volatility Index?”, this is the output given by ChatGPT, which shows inaccurate and limited knowledge:

inaccurate outputs in chat gpt
  • No Visuals

No images or AI art can be displayed using ChatGPT as it is a monolingual language model, which can easily give the text responses with accuracy.

no visuals outputs in chat gpt
  • Server down or No Response

Due to heavy workload or regular questioning, the GPT shows this output where he pretends an error:

server down in chat gpt
  • Costlier than Others

The below image displays the pricing structure for ChatGPT-4 Plus version and for business purposes too, which is much costlier than other platforms such as Replika, which is a good alternative for ChatGPT.


chatgpt 4 price


replika pro price
  • Different Functionalities Unavailable

ChatGPT may not include all of the functions you want, depending on your demands. Other AI language models specialize in certain areas, such as picture recognition, speech-to-text conversion, and translation.

Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives

1. ChatSonic

chatsonic ai

ChatSonic, by writesonic is considered one of the best ChatGPT alternatives in 2023, which comes with a large dataset of pre-trained dialogue responses. With the regular updation in the capabilities, it has been working on top of ChatGPT because of more features and expanded scope with access to the Internet.

Powered by Google to give the latest info with better accuracy. Some of the major features which ChatSonic includes are no error messages, no deletion of previous searches, etc.

The finest alternative is made with all possible features like real-time texts, visual searches and generation, and many more. Different personas are embedded as well, to do the conversation in the way you want.

Combining all the features, it can be called as a “complete package” with better responses and accurate info related to the searches. This surely proves it as a great tool for all users.


  • Real-time communication with more accurate results.
  • Availability of more than 16 personas to communicate.
  • Generation of amazing AI visuals.
  • Stored the previous result searches and gives the option to share as well.
  • High-quality tested prompts to give precise results.
  • Easy Creation of articles, blogs, and captions.

Pros and Cons

Advanced creativity with AI visualsPer day 25 generations are only free
Accurate and Updated Information
16+ personas bring more productivity in conversation
Previous responses are stored for better results
Sharing of responses becomes possible along with images

2. Google Bard AI

google bard ai

Google Bard is a free ChatGPT alternative to use which is based on Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It can respond to tasks like question answering, creative idea development, and text summarising with human-like replies.

Bard works in the same way as other AI chatbots like OpenAI’s Chat GPT and Microsoft’s ‘new’ Bing search engine. This new tech can draw on real-time information from Internet, which is fantastic.

This distinguishing attribute will ensure that Bard generates “fresh, high-quality responses.”

On March 21, 2023, Google launched its Bard waitlist. On a rolling basis, the queue will allow access to a restricted number of individuals in the United States and the United Kingdom. Google will gather early user feedback to develop the AI chatbot.


  • Summarize articles, blogs, and web content.
  • Generation of creative ideas.
  • Easy Data comparison with graphs, charts, etc.
  • Regular activity updation along with travel plans.
  • Early access for selected countries’ users.
  • Generation of multiple response drafts.

Pros and Cons

Enhanced Productivity and CreativityBiased results are produced
Quality Content along with Authentic InformationPlagiarised Content with Inaccuracy and Misinformation
Quick Response TimeContent Sources are not provided
Real-time Internet ConnectivityHuman Expertise is necessary

3. Microsoft Bing AI

microsoft bing ai

Bing AI is particularly developed to bring advancement in searches, and it has been optimized to maximize speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Based on the big language model of OpenAI, which is more powerful than ChatGPT and GPT-3.5.

Microsoft launched its Edge browser with two new AI-powered features called ‘Chat’ and ‘Compose.’ This development is in addition to their current Bing feature. Both the apps, Bing and Edge are easily accessible by Android and iOS users.

Bing gives the opportunity to Chat where relevant questions can be asked, and more accurate answers are there, which was recently shown in an event by Microsoft.

You can easily plan vacations, find recipes, and can do a variety of things while using Bing, the same as ChatGPT.

Note: While it is presently in a limited preview, Bing will be fully free to use once it is published. Previously only available through a waitlist, this fantastic ChatGPT alternative is now available to all users.


  • Complex inquiries are evaluated faster and have quick responses.
  • Users can easily get AI-generated responses for up to 1,000 words.
  • Pay after-use facility available.
  • Authentic data along with the sources.

Pros and Cons

Provide accurate and updated informationResponse time is a little bit more
Source citations for the results are possibleCan only be operated in Microsoft Edge
Varied conversational modes are available
Effective “Prometheus Model” is used

4. Replika

replika ai

Replika is a sophisticated AI companion with over ten million users. In comparison with all the previous ones, Replika has the feature to recognize visual features and by using that, phrases or dialogue can easily get prepared.

In the list of AI chatbots which is focused significantly on friendship and relationships, Replika comes on top. More than 50 million individuals are already using Replika not just for the purpose of talking, but to enhance their strong bonds as well.

An autoregressive GPT-3 language model gives working access to Replika, which means it learns from past inputs as well. Because Replika’s goal is to have a meaningful discussion, it may use past information about your life to personalize itself to you.


  • Any type of conversation is possible with Replika, and more chatting helps in getting precise outputs.
  • Easily place a video call with your own replica.
  • Supports for building better habits and manners.
  • Play Games and helps in putting relationship status.
  • Cheap and affordable premium features
  • $8 per month for an individual
  • $50 for a year.

Pros and Cons

Relationship advice and intricate conversations are possibleAll good and premium features are available with payout only
Response Accuracy is goodSubscription charges are not very cheap
Past responses are stored as per the user
For Pro members, the video call with AI is possible

5. Perplexity AI

perplexity ai

Perplexity AI is an open-source ChatGPT alternative. Directly trained using OpenAI’s API and works well with decent responses. The website has been designed to be basic and user-friendly.

It has a similar potential to ChatGPT, where discussions can take place with genuine and authentic replies.

Unlike ChatGPT, however, Perplexity mentions the sources from where the answer or the results has been displayed. It puts more importance on original content and even displays in AI itself regarding plagiarism.

Output data may get collected from professional platforms like LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc. However, because of the Beta version, it might pick up the material as it is from the sources, resulting in plagiarised content.


  • Generate short conversational responses with accuracy.
  • Takes data from Wikipedia, LinkedIn, etc. because of Beta Version.
  • Diligent but lacks a chatbot facility along with the storage of previous data.
  • Free to use without any account.

Pros and Cons

Website layout and framework are very easy to operateBeta version gives plagiarised content from different sources
Conversations can be proper without any confusing responsesThe beta version gives plagiarised content from different sources
Result sources are also available to validate the dataOlder responses are not saved
No additional features are available like a chatbot, calling, interaction with AI, etc.

6. ChatGenie

chatgenie ai

ChatGenie is an AI-powered chatbot that responds quickly to any inquiries you could have. Chatgenie is able to offer responses swiftly and correctly by utilising cutting-edge AI technologies.

The information can be accessed from any location and at any time because of its user-friendly design. Customers may discover the answers they need using the ChatGPT engine in a fraction of the time it would take them to use traditional techniques.

Chatgenie also enables firms to automate customer support activities, allowing them to concentrate on core company operations. Furthermore, it allows clients to discover answers without having to wait for a customer support professional or even search through FAQs.


  • Easily accessible on different platforms.
  • Content generation in more than 75 different languages.
  • Latest data updation facility in the API.
  • Easy Generation of Social media posts and captions.
  • Practical and egoism-free answers.

Pros and Cons

Quick and Accurate Answers are provided on WhatsAppNo voice assistant is available
Intelligent Assistance is available for modification
Code-based and social platforms content can be curated with quality
One-click customer support is available

7. Chinchilla

chinchilla ai

DeepMind, a Google company, developed Chinchilla AI, an AI language model. However, it is important to note that Chinchilla is not the same as previously stated in Google Bard. The former is a different language model that is being developed.

Chinchilla has been dubbed as “GPT Killer” by some experts.

It consists of more than 70 billion parameters to prove the accuracy of results. Chinchilla is based on the transformer model which works much better with the help of a mathematical MMLU dataset, as compared to ChatGPT.

As a result, Chinchilla works as the best alternative for people focused on making AI art, writing projects, etc. Even, it can be suited best as the language model is much more compatible with reasoning too.


  • Easy Implementation and efficient performance in downstream applications.
  • Optimal platform for the preparation of language model for reasoning.
  • Accuracy rate for results in ChinChilla is 67.5%.
  • Dataset size is 3 times larger than Chat GPT-3 model.
  • Assignment writing and AI art creation become easier.

Pros and Cons

Multiple features availability like task writing, image creation, etc.Not available for public use for now
Advanced and accurate data results are shownPricing structure is not clear as it may be expensive because of larger data set and accurate results
It is less computing for fine-tuning

8. OpenAI Playground

openai playground

OpenAI Playground is one of the alternatives to ChatGPT which is treated as the demo version of it because of its features, different technicalities, and other stuff. Users can access this for experimenting with different use cases.

Different advanced functions are integrated into it but it’s not a compatible tool for daily users, as it allows for several advancements like changing temperature, stop sequences, number of tokens for result display, etc.

The extensive customization facility is also available for the users to work on and even in comparison with other tools, they can test it too. Compared to other AI bots, it does not get slow in showing results and is completely free to use.


  • Good Response Speed and Accuracy
  • Voice-based searches are possible
  • Experiment with various language models is possible
  • Flexible to use but not made for daily normal users
  • Completely free to use but need to purchase credits

Pros and Cons

Better accuracy and speedNot easy to operate for beginners
Possible for experimenting with different language modelsMay lose previous searches because of heavy workload on servers
Possible for Voice-based searches
Doesn’t becomes slow in showing results

9. YouChat

youchat ai

Talking about writing code, taking relationship advice, the long form of blogs or article writing, etc, YouChat plays an important and efficient role in that. The famous search engine, YOU.com has launched this platform of YouChat with different advanced AI features.

As it is in the development stage, sometimes the answers are not that accurate but it can play the same role as ChatGPT. For the generation of human-like responses, it’s trained with AI phrases and human datasets too.

It holds all the previous conversations with full access to the Internet and makes the search results more accurate and updated as well. Easily any user can do chatting from their website itself, and sometimes biased results may also get produced.


  • Accurate and latest information is shown in search results.
  • DIfferent chatting ways can be used for better performance.
  • Can easily write code, letters, relationship status, etc.
  • Full access to Internet based search results.

Pros and Cons

Trained with a large data set of AI phrases and human phrasesStill in the training phase, so results are not produced all the time
The chatting facility is available for any genuine queriesNo feature of sharing and voice-based search
Multiple features available in oneError in the answers
Chatting facility is available for any genuine queries

10. DialoGPT


DialoGPT is an autoregressive (AR) language model with a multi-layer transformer as model architecture, similar to GPT-2. Dialo’s dataset is relatively small because it was trained using 147 million Reddit multi-turn debates.

It also allows multi-turn replies, which means that it keeps track of your previous responses.

Because configuring Dialo manually may be cumbersome, you may experiment with it using HuggingFace’s inference API. AI prompts or self-generated prompts can be taken for testing, and let Dialo answer your queries.

Responses from DialoGPT are at best and decent. Because the AI is created to be cheery, it is prone to get perplexed. It adjusts pretraining techniques to response generation using 100 GBs of vernacular data.


  • 100 GBs of colloidal data used for adapting pertaining techniques.
  • Quality outputs by 147M multi-turn dialogues accessed through Reddit.
  • Authentic information is available with source links.
  • Previous responses are stored to provide better answers.

Pros and Cons

Lighthearted chatbot with easy flexibilityConfusing results while searches
Easy to use and Simply AccessibleNot fully trained with dataset properly
Decent responses with qualityNo backup facility by restoring previous answers

Best ChatGPT Alternative

Summarizing all the points, we have got many ChatGPT alternatives that hold expertise in some particular areas. Each and every day, the data model is getting transformed to improve the accuracy of the results of these AI models to stand on top in the race.

Compared with all the parameters, we declared “ChatSonic” as the best ChatGPT alternative for now.

ChatSonic already had a large pre-trained dataset for accurate results and provide different features with full access to the Internet. A strong backup facility is also available where no previous searches are deleted and based on their references also, the outputs are shown.

The server does not display any error message too. The complete package consists of ChatSonic only with the feature of real-time text searching, voice search, visual display, etc. Many times, the user wants to conversate with the particular mindset of people, so that facility is also available with more than 16 types of personas.

Many other alternatives are also present like Microsoft Bing AI, Google Bard, Replika, Perplexity AI, etc. But definitely, you should give it a try to “ChatSonic” as it holds the topmost place in all alternatives.

Through this blog, we tried our best to provide you the alternatives to try instead of ChatGPt to have knowledge about different platforms with their features. Hope that this blog helped you!!


a) What are some of the limitations of ChatGPT?

Some of the major limitations of the ChatGPT model are inaccurate results with less efficiency, no source citation for data authenticity, no visuals generated, and server overloading & error generation in excess.

b) Is there a better AI than ChatGPT?

Definitely in the AI sector, the revolution came because of ChatGPT but that’s not the only option for use. Some of the best alternatives of ChatGPT which we discussed in this blog include Microsoft Bing AI, ChatSonic, Chinchilla, and Google Bard.

c) Is Bing AI better than ChatGPT?

We can’t definitely say yes, but obviously, Bing AI brings a lot of advancements and overcomes many limitations of ChatGPT.

Some of them are, no overloading because of heavy traffic and searches, providing accurate results & updates, authentication through available source content, and data search backup is available.

d) Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

Yes definitely and with the evolving changes which Bard AI is bringing in its technology will surely take up the market with the features. Some of the valid points to support the statement includes cutting-edge machine-learning technology which makes it smarter day-by-day and more accurate in result generation.

Human-based responses are generated with Bard AI rather than robotic results, and weather results & game-playing facilities are also available.

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