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8 Best AI Voice Generators That Will Leave You Speechless!

Every bit of pun intended but these AI voice generators really are that good!

For those who don’t know, text-to-speech tools have been around for ages, and I’m talking late 80s. Companies like Apple, at&t, and Microsoft are pioneers of TTS (text-to-speech) tools. 

Of course, those were not AI-powered and far from the refined modern-day AI voice generators, but they are the cornerstones. And thanks to these, we now have tools that can clone voices, generate video voice-overs, and do a lot more!

But the real achievement is the natural-sounding output.

The latest tools can create human-like voiceovers, and we are lapping them up. 

So, I put them to the test, and here’s what I found. There are definitely some surprises up ahead.

1. Murf.ai– Realistic voice generation.
– Studio-quality video voiceovers. 
Best AI Voice Generator for most use cases.

Try Murf.ai
2. Replica– AI-generated voiceovers for
games, movies, etc.
Realistic Voice Generator for Multimedia Usage.

Try Replica
3. Resemble.ai– Creating new AI-generated voices.
– Real-time voice changing with
Best Text and Speech-to-Speech Tool

Try Resemble.ai
4. Play.ht– Realistic text-to-speech generation.
– Audio widgets for content sites.
Best Embeddable Audio Widget

Try Play.ht
5. Speechify– Huge library of AI voices.
– Quick and easy voiceover creation
Best TTS Software for the Specially-Abled.

Try Speechify
6. Synthesys– Cloud based AI Voice,
– Cloud based Video, and Image generation.
High-Quality Audio, Video, and
Image from any text.

Try Synthesys
7. Veed.io– Text to Speech to Video creation.Video Editor disrupting the text-to-speech market.

Try Veed.io
8. text.cortex– Free Text to Speech conversion
while browsing the web.
AI Writing and TTS assistant for Chrome.

Try text.cortex

But before we move on to the detailed reviews.

What is an AI Voice Generator?

It is a tool that generates synthetic voices using artificial intelligence. Thanks to tons of raw data and machine learning techniques, these tools have mastered speech patterns like expression, speed, punctuation, and more. 

This helps generate synthetic sounds that are virtually indistinguishable from natural sounds.

For digital content creators, these tools are revolutionary if used right.

Let’s see some of the best uses.

Best Uses of an AI Voice Generator

These tools are not your average Text to Speech software. They have specific advantages and use cases.

  • Listening is easier: Books, emails, your favorite blog, an important news article, or just a celebrity gossip piece listening to it is easier. With browser extensions, APIs, and other built-in tools, you can use these tools to read out stuff that you want to go through but don’t want to read.
  • Overcome disabilities: One of the best uses for AI text-to-speech software is in education tech and systems. Studying becomes a lot easier for people who find it hard to read.
  • Increase productivity: Using these tools, you can create video voiceovers, audiobooks, presentations, and so much more without uttering a single word yourself. (Read on to find out which tool can do all this!)

Here are the best of them.

8 Best AI Voice Generators To Use in 2023!

Tools in this list are reviewed and categorized according to –

  • Best For
  • Key Features
  • Pricing

Price Update (April 1st ): Plans and prices below are the latest as of April 1, 2023.

1. Murf.ai

murf ai

Best For

  • Realistic natural-sounding speech generation.
  • Studio-quality video voiceovers. 

Murf.ai is winning the battle right now in turning text into natural-sounding recordings, but it’s been a rocky ride to the top.

While this cloud-based tool has always been easy to use and even easier on the wallet, Murf.ai did struggle with generating natural-sounding audio output. 

But since the devs got that sorted, Murf.ai instantly became the best AI voice generator for almost every use case.

Murf’s improved AI algos successfully capture the essence of speech. Every little pause, exclamation, and expression you put into your text will be there in its generated speech. 

On top of that, they plugged in speech-to-speech!

You can upload your raw audio recording to murf.ai, edit it, change its voice, and remove the noise to create professional-grade audio in a few clicks. And if you need different voices within a voiceover, murf.ai can take care of that as well.

So, whether you’re looking to create audiobooks, podcast episodes, eLearning videos, or office presentations with voiceovers, murf.ai is your one-stop shop.

Murf.ai Key Features

  • AI powered voice generation in 130+ voices in 20+ languages.
  • Voice Cloning from raw audio recordings.
  • Voice Changing to convert text to home recordings and then to studio-quality voiceovers. 
  • Built-in Text Editor to fine-tune your scripts.
  • Pitch, Emphasis, Speed, and Interjections controls.

Murf.ai Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free$0– No credit card.
– 1 user.
– 10 mins of voice generation & transcription.
Basic$29/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$19/month/user (Billed Annually)
– Up to 10 users.
– 60 voices and 10 languages.
– 1440 minutes of voice generation per user (for the whole year).
– Unlimited downloads.
Pro$39/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$26/month/user (Billed Annually)
– Up to 10 users. 120+ voices, 20+ languages & accents.
– AI voice changer.
– 240 minutes of voice generation per user per month.
– 120 minutes of transcription per user per month.
Enterprise$59/month/user (Annual Billing Only)– Up to 25 users.
– Unlimited voice generation and transcription.
– Account manager.
– Service agreement, training, and priority customer support.

2. Replica

replica studios

Best For

  • AI-generated voiceovers for games, movies, and other media.

Replica decided to fill out the only gap left by Murf.ai- provide AI voice actors for games and movies. And dare I say Replica is the best at it right now!

Using real voice actors, Replica has developed an AI text reader and voice-over creator that’s capable of replicating human voice-over artists. Voices, emotions, authenticity- the star-studded cast of Replica’s voice actors have everything.

These AI voice actors aren’t replacing Christopher Judge anytime soon, but indie creators can save a lot of time and money using Replica. And even the studios with big production budgets can use Replica in early development phases to test out scripts before bringing in the big guns.

Replica is compatible with Metahuman Creator, Roblox, Unity, Unreal Engine, and a couple more gaming engine giants. You can create your character, give them a voice, and export them directly into your game. It’s that easy!

But it’s not cheap.

For $36 you get to create for 4 hours. Within those 4 hours, you can create as much or as little as you want. After that, you’ll have to buy more “Credits.”

Replica Key Features

  • 40+ AI Voice Actors with more voices to be added.
  • Built-in Digital Voice Studio to edit and integrate voiceovers into other platforms
  • Export 22kHz Audio in FLAC, MP3, OGG or WAV.
  • Premium Voice Security to prevent deep fakes.

Replica Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
For Creatives$36 for 4 hours of credit– 240 minutes of speech generation.
– Unreal Engine plugin.
– Unlimited projects and exports. 
For EnterpriseTailored prices for your needs.– Unlimited speech generation.
– Access to Replica Studios API.
– Voice cloning.

3. Resemble.ai

resemble ai

Best For

  • Creating new AI voices.
  • Real-time voice changing with speech-to-speech.

Resemble lets you create voiceovers for videos, generate speech from text, and then edit that speech on the same platform. That’s the basics covered.

But these aren’t the real crown jewels of Resemble.ai. The real bling is quick Speech-to-Speech Voice Cloning.

Resemble.ai is the only such tool that lets you record your voice in real-time to clone and create your personalized AI voice within 12 minutes. That’s recording, synthesizing, editing, and ready to go in 12 minutes.

TAT and Quality of Resemble’s Voice Cloning are impressive, but Localize blew me away.

Resemble lets you clone your voice in 25+ languages.

If you want to create your own voice for branding, marketing, or any purpose whatsoever, Resemble.ai is the ONE! And considering what’s on offer, Resemble might just be the best-priced AI text-to-speech app around.

Resemble.ai Key Features

  • Speech-to-Speech generation.
  • Integrated Text Generation using GPT-3.
  • Localize feature lets you do Voice Cloning in different languages.
  • Integrates with TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, Unreal Engine, Unity, Cisco, and more.
  • SDKs for Python, JavaScript, and Ruby for custom integrations.

Resemble.ai Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Basic$0.006/second of voice generation.– Unlimited users, projects, and downloads.
– Low-latency API access.
– 10 voices.
ProTailored prices for your needs.– Unlimited voices, users, projects, and downloads.
– Voice creation and Streaming API access.
– Use custom data.
– Speech-to-speech.

4. Play.ht

play ht

Best For

  • Ultra-realistic text-to-speech creation.
  • Audio widgets for content sites (Class-leading text-to-speech API.)

Play.ht dropped rank after tools like Murf and Resemble took center stage, but their roadmap has me excited. And if they can deliver the features promised, Play.ht will be the leading AI-powered voice generator for years to come.

This text to speech tool has been around since 2016. What started as a TTS Chrome extension for listening to Medium articles has evolved into an ultra-realistic voice generation tool.

As a digital marketer, I know the value of a unique brand voice. And Play.ht lets you create one with relative ease. Moreover, Play.ht offers exactly the kind of unlimited content creation that creators require. 

You will have to pay $99/month, but you will get unlimited voiceovers.

Play.ht integrates with WordPress, Medium, Wix, Blogger, and more platforms out-of-the-box.

So, if you want audio widgets on your blog or your niche site, there’s no better alternative than Play.ht.

Play.ht Key Features

  • 900+ AI-generated voices in 140+ languages.
  • Speech Editor with SSML controls to control Pitch, Speed, and Pronunciation of generated speech.
  • Multiple Voices in the same speech for Videos and Podcasts.
  • Create high-quality audio files (8kHz to 48kHz).
  • Publish directly to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Play.ht Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free$0– 5,000 words of voice generation every month.
– Voice Cloning trial.
Professional$39/month (Billed Monthly)
$351/year (Billed Annually)
– 50,000 words of voice generation every month.
– Previews.
– Unlimited projects and downloads.
Premium$99/month (Billed Monthly)
$891/year (Billed Annually)
– Unlimited voice generation, downloads, and projects.
– Previews. Pronunciation controls.
– Commercial License.
EnterpriseTailored prices for your needs.– Voice cloning.
– Account manager.
– API access and SLAs.
– Multiple users.

5. Speechify


Best For

  • Huge library of AI voices.
  • Quick and easy voiceover creation.

Speechify, the best text to speech software has finally stepped into AI voice generation. And while their text-to-speech reader is a must-have for productivity freaks, text into speech generation tool isn’t half bad either. 

Although they haven’t integrated celebrity voices yet, they have put in 200+ natural voices to create voiceovers for almost any use case.

Speechify’s biggest flex is Endeavor using Speechify to clone their CEO’s voice for an earning call

That’s a $10B public company trusting this tool. And it should tell you everything there is to know about the quality of voiceovers generated by Speechify.

All you have to do is input your text in Speechify, choose the voice, set the speech parameters, and you’re good to go. 

Speechify Key Features

  • 200+ Voices in 20+ Languages.
  • Free-To-Use.
  • Official Voices of Snoop Dogg and Gwenyth Paltrow.
  • Free Audio Download.
  • Commercial Usage Rights.

Speechify Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Speechify Limited$0– 10 reading voices.
– Chrome and Safari extensions.
Speechify Premium$139/year (Annual Billing Only)– 200+ voices and 20+ languages.
– Access to all importing and note-taking tools.
– Listen to the scanned text.

6. Synthesys


Best For

  • Unlimited text to voice generations.

For those not planning on paying $99 per month for Play.ht’s Premium Plan, Synthesys is the perfect alternative. Well, almost perfect!

While it’s a generous tool that allows unlimited content creation, it has certain operational limits. For example, you can only convert 1000 words of text into speech at a time.

You’ll miss out on the seamless and varied integrations. And there’s no API access to make up for it. Synthesys can’t post directly to podcast platforms, but you can download your audio and post them wherever you want with complete commercial rights.

And if you’re not happy with the results, you can get your money back within 7 days.

But if you get the hang of it, you won’t be asking for a refund.

But these quirks don’t seem too annoying when you can generate hours and hours worth of video voiceovers, podcast episodes, and even audiobooks with Synthesys’ realistic voices for $35/month only.

Synthesys Key Features

  • 100% Cloud-Based.
  • Unlimited AI voiceovers in 140+ languages.
  • Humatars to give a face to your AI voiceovers.
  • AI Text-to-Video Generation.
  • AI Image Generation and Editor.

Synthesys Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Audio Synthesys$35/month (Billed Monthly) $324/year (Billed Annually)Unlimited AI voiceover generation and downloads.
30+ Human voices and 370+ AI-generated human-like voiceovers.
Human Studio Synthesys$45/month (Billed Monthly) $432/year (Billed Annually)Unlimited AI audio and video generation.
70+ virtual avatars.
Built-in video editor.
Audio & Human Studio Synthesys$65/month (Billed Monthly) $624/year (Billed Annually)Audio Synthesys and Human Studio Synthesys packed into one for 20% off.

7. Veed.io

veed.io ai voice generator

Best For

  • Easily adding AI-generated high-quality text to speech to your videos.

You might know Veed.io as a tool to Record, Edit, and Stream videos, but that’s because they’ve under-marketed their versatility. And if I were to list all the Veed.io tools, you’ll be here for hours. 

So, I’ll focus on just what you’re looking for.

Although it’s primarily a video editing tool, Veed’s devs did a pretty good job with its online AI voice generator tool. 

There are multiple voices (male and female) in 80+ languages and accents that sound just as good as any premium tool out there. 

Aside from the basics, you can add Stock Music and Sound Effects to your AI-generated voiceover.

If you don’t have a video ready, Veed also has its own Stock Video collection.

Veed.io really is the one-stop-shop for those looking to create engaging social media posts without uttering a single word or exposing themselves to the camera.

Although Veed.io allows free Text To Voice generation, you will eventually need to get a paid plan to unlock all features.

Free users can only generate 1000 characters of text into custom-voiced speech at once. On the other hand, the 2 paid plans (out of 4) include full access. Find out more in the Veed.io Plans and Pricing section.

Veed.io Key Features

  • Upload or Record in real-time.
  • Sync realistic AI voice recordings directly to your videos.
  • Create Subtitles for your voiceovers and videos.
  • Extensive range of audio and sound effects to add directly to video output.

Veed.io Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free$0– 10 minutes of video editing & 30 minutes of subtitle generation.
– 1000 characters of text into speech per month.
Basic18/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$144/year/user (Billed Annually)
– 25 minutes of 1080p video generation/editing.
– No watermark on videos.
– 720 minutes of subtitle generation.
Pro$30/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$288/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Full access to quality voice Generation tools.
– Full access to Stock audio and video library.
– 120 minutes of 4k video generation/editing.
Business$70/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$708/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Everything in Pro.
– Video call-to-action.
– Account manager.
– Custom services.

8. text.cortex

text cortex

Best For

  • Free to use online text-to-voice software.

text.cortex is an AI writing tool that can write Blog Posts, Product Descriptions, TikTok captions, Social Media Posts, and more. It’s even pretty good at writing Cold Emails and Marketing Copies.

To help out specially-abled users, and to further streamline their content creation process, text.cortex just recently added a TTS feature to their tool.

If you’re looking for a cheaper Speechify alternative, it’s finally here.

text.cortex is radically different from the other tools on this list. Mostly because it’s part of an AI copywriting tool. But, also because it’s completely free to use as it comes as a package deal with the ZenoChat Chrome extension.

Once you install the Chrome extension, you get an AI assistant in your browser who can read out anything you want.

It’s as easy as copy-pasting the stuff you want to hear out loud and clicking a “Speak” button just under the textbox. 

There are only 2 voices- 1 male and 1 female.

And the operations are pretty basic. But, since they’re only providing an assistant of sorts, it’s pretty spot on! It saves a lot of my reading time and has become a constant presence on my Chrome now.

text.cortex Key Features

  • Completely free-to-use TTS feature.
  • Simple copy-paste process to generate speech from any text.
  • ZenoChat Writing & Search Assistant (ChatGPT Alternative).
  • Integrates into LinkedIn, Twitter, Outlook, Notion, Google Docs, Medium, and more.

text.cortex Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free$0ZenoChat (AI Assistant with TTS feature).
Pro$24.99/month (Billed Monthly) $239.88/year (Billed Annually)Text generation in 25+ languages. Full access to Voice Activation (TTS).
Business$79.99/month (Billed Monthly) $599.88/month (Billed Annually)Unlimited text generation. Access to writing templates. Built-in Text Editor


These are the 8 best AI voice generators right now. While each of them is striving for perfection in versatility, I found that each of them does have a “best use case.”

So, I made that the basis of this blog. Instead of ranking them and pitting them against one another, I’ve put forth their best possible use so you can decide which tool to use.

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