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8 Best AI Story Generators That Can Make Your Stories Pop

GPT-3 revolutionized AI text generation.

It’s like someone opened the floodgates, and AI Text Generators came pouring out.

Within this sea of AI content-generating tools are AI Story Generators.  

Running on vastly improved Machine Learning Algorithms (MLAs) and Natural Language Processing  (NLPs), these are handy story-writing assistants. And Story Generator Algorithms (SGAs) have further boosted their creative capabilities.

So, it’s not a secret that plenty of fiction writers are signing up for these tools. 

But which of the countless AI story generators will suit you the best?

Read on to find out!

Best ToolsBest ForG2 Ratings & Links to Site
RytrAI Story Generation on a Budget.4.7/5 (742 Reviews)

Try Rytr
NovelAIAI Story Generator Tool For Novels.Not Rated on G2

Try NovelAI
sudowriteAI Plot Generator To Quickly Complete First Drafts.Not Rated on G2

Try Sudowrite
WritesonicQuick AI Story Maker For Short Stories.4.7/5 (1,645 Reviews)

Try Writesonic
Jasper.aiFiction Writing With AI.4.7/5 (1,192 Reviews)

Try Jasper
ClosersCopyAI Story Generator & Expander.4.2/5 (7 Reviews)

Try CloserCopy
ShortlyAIBest AI Story Generator Tool for Beginners.Not Rated on G2

Try ShortlyAI
DeepStoryAI Tool to Write Movie Scripts & Screenplays.Not Rated on G2

Try Deepstory

How Will An AI Story Generator Help?

Even a free AI story generator tool can help you get out of writer’s block. A paid tool or subscription with all features unlocked can do a lot more.

If you’re unsure, here are just a few things that you can benefit from -.

  • Kick Start Writing. In writing, starting is the hardest part. With each passing second, the blank page and the blinking cursor staring you in the face get more daunting. But an AI story generator makes that easier. In fact, there’s a tool specifically made to generate first drafts. Read on to find out more about it.
  • Overcome Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is THE nemesis, especially for original story writers. Maybe that’s why these tools use writer’s block so aggressively in their marketing. And to be fair to them, most of these do a fantastic job of continuing your writing for you.
  • Refine Your Story. Sometimes, coming up with subplots or character backstories can prove difficult. What would a character wear? How will they behave? And how will they affect the story? Now, you can spend hours on these things or let AI story generators take care of this while you write the real stuff.

These are just the big guns. There’s a lot more that these AI-powered writers can do.

8 Best AI Story Generators For Writing Fiction

All of the AI tools below are to-tier Text Generators. While some focus only on Story Generating (Novel AI, DeepStory), quite a few tools are trying to do it all (Jasper.ai, Writesonic).

I’ll focus on their story-generation capabilities. That’s why you might see a few new tools and some prominent absentees. 

1. Rytr – AI Story Generation on a Budget

rytr ai

Rytr Key Features

  • Unlimited Words for $29/month.
  • 40+ use cases, including Story Generation, Song Writing, and more! 
  • 30+ Languages and 20+ Tones to write in. 
  • 6 Creativity Levels.
  • Expand, Reword, and Shorten to refine your writing.
  • Built-in Doc Editor to Write and Edit in the same place.
  • AI Image Generation.

Rytr Overview

Compared to other AI tools, AI Text Generators are quite generous in terms of pricing. But Rytr surpassed all of them. They’ve not only kept their prices to a minimum, but they have also created an AI Text and Image Generation combo. 

Without paying anything extra, you can generate 5 to 100 AI Images, depending on the plan you choose.

Rytr’s story-writing model got trained on Over 600,000 human-written stories.

On top of that, Rytr has 6 Creativity levels- the higher the level, the more unique the output. That makes Rytr one of the best AI story generators that can help you start stories from scratch or find new ideas when you’ve hit a wall.

Rytr Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free Plan$0– Generate 10k characters in 30+ languages.
– Generate 5 Images per month.
Saver Plan$9/month (Billed Monthly)
$90/year (Billed Annually)
– Generate 100k characters in 30+ languages.
– Generate 20 AI images per month.
– Create Custom Use Cases.
Unlimited Plan$29/month (Billed Monthly)
$290/year (Billed Annually)
– Unlimited characters per month.
– Generate 100 AI images per month.
– Dedicated Account Manager.

2. NovelAI – AI Story Generator Tool For Novels


Novel AI Key Features

  • 4 AI Story Generator Models to play around with.
  • Allows you to Tweak and Train the AI model as per your needs.
  • Replicate Styles and Themes of Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, and more.
  • AI Image Generation and AI Text-to-Speech.
  • Allows imports from AIDCAT and AIDWI.
  • XSalsa20 Encryption to keep your AI Stories secure.

Novel AI Overview

Novel AI is one of the best AI story generators, simply because it focuses solely on story writing.

Novel AI is specifically designed to write short stories and long novels. Unlike other tools targeting versatility with SEO blogs, copywriting, and more.

With 4 AI story writer models packaged inside(Krake, Euterpe, Calliope, & Sigurd), Novel AI has got plenty of storytelling to do. Of course, you’ll have to pay more to enjoy the best of it, but you can get a taste of it all with the Paper plan.

Another impressive feature of Novel AI is the Theme and Style selection. You can command Novel’s AI to write in a specific Theme and follow specific popular writing styles. It can even replicate some of the best novelists/storytellers.

To keep everything unique and in line with your writing, you can train Novel’s AI so it writes exactly how you want it. 

Novel AI Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Paper (Free Trial)$0– Euterpe (Tier-II AI Story Generator), Calliope(Tier-III), & Sigurd(Tier-IV).
– 50 Text Generations.
– 2048 Memory Tokens.
Tablet$10/month (Monthly Billing Only) – Euterpe, Calliope, & Sigurd.Unlimited Text Generation.
– 1024 Memory Token.
– TTS and Image Generation.
– Limited AI Module Training.
Scroll$15/month (Monthly Billing Only)– Euterpe.
– Unlimited Text Generation.
– 2048 Memory Tokens.
– Everything in Tablet.
Opus$25/month (Monthly Billing Only)– Krake (Tier-I AI Story Generator), Euterpe, Calliope, Sigurd.
– Unlimited Text Generation.
– 2048 Memory Tokens.
– Everything in Tablet.

Read my full NovelAI Review.

3. SudoWrite – AI Plot Generator To Quickly Complete First Drafts


SudoWrite Key Features

  • Write in 7 Genres, including Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and more.
  • Rewrite- rephrase and improve your writing.
  • Brainstorm- generate story outline, plot ideas, and more.
  • Powered by GPT-3 and a proprietary AI Engine.
  • Chrome Extension to create in Google Docs.
  • AI’s Feedback in real-time.

SudoWrite Overview

SudoWrite is a new tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content. And an AI tool that can create a 1000-word draft from a 2-sentence prompt deserves notice. With as little as 30 words of description, sudowrite jump-starts your story writing. 

And let me tell you, writing with a 1000-word safety net is a lot less daunting than the white, blank page staring you dead in the eyes.

But the magic doesn’t stop there.

SudoWrite can further help you come up with characters that are a perfect fit for your story. Introduce a few characters to sudowrite’s AI, and it’ll generate 2 characters at a time. 

It’s also an overpowered writer’s block killer. 

While other tools can help you with ideas to overcome writer’s block, sudowrite generates 300 words in the same tone as you. That’s on top of the minimum 5 ideas generated as a backup.

sudowrite Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free Trial$0– Generate 4k words per month.
– Test out all premium tools.
Hobby & Student$19/month (Billed Monthly)
$120/year (Billed Annually)
– Generate 30k words per month.
– Write, Rewrite, Expand, Brainstorm, & more features.
Professional$29/month (Billed Monthly)
$240/year (Billed Annually)
– Generate 90k words per month.
– Write, Rewrite, Expand, Brainstorm, & more features.
Max$129/month (Billed Monthly)
$1,200/year (Billed Annually)
– Generate 300k words per month.
– Write, Rewrite, Expand, Brainstorm, & more features.

4. Writesonic – Quick AI Story Maker For Short Stories


Writesonic Key Features

  • 25+ Languages and 70+ AI Templates.
  • Sonic Editor (with Shortener, Paraphraser, and Expander) helps improve your story’s flow.
  • 3 Content Quality Types.
  • Chatsonic (4x more powerful than ChatGPT) and Photosonic (AI Text-to-Image Generator).
  • One-Click publishing to WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.
  • Make Your Own AI- train Writesonic’s Machine Learning algorithms.

Writesonic Overview

According to Writesonic, users have generated nearly 23,000 stories using their AI Story Generator model. And if I’m being completely honest, I think people are sleeping on Writesonic’s story-writing abilities.

Every storyteller needs a tool that writes 10x faster, helps generate original ideas, and then expands on those ideas. Right now, only one tool is doing all that at an astonishingly low price- Writesonic.

I was blown away by the sheer amount of words that paying users can generate for as low as $19/month. Within those $19 you get to create stories using 3 different quality types, access to one of the most powerful AI Chatbots (Chatsonic), and more.

All you need to do is provide a 600-character Description of the type of story you want to generate, choose the Tone, set a Language, and hit Generate!

And if you’re looking for the best free AI story generator, Writesonic is the only one with a respectable free trial. Read my full Writesonic review.

Writesonic Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free Trial$0– 1 user.
– 25+ Languages, 100+ AI Templates.
– Generate 10k (Premium, Average, Economy) words.
Long-form – I$19/month (Billed Monthly)
$152/year (Billed Annually)
– 60k Premium words OR 120k Average words OR 180k Economy words.
– *1 user.
– API Access
– Surfer Integration.
– Article Rewriter.
Long-form – II$49/month (Billed Monthly)
$392/year (Billed Annually)
– 200k Premium words OR 400k Average words OR 600k Economy words.
– *5 users.
– Everything in Free Trial.
Long-form – III$99/month (Billed Monthly)
$792/year (Billed Annually)
– 400k Premium words OR 800k Average words OR 1,200k Economy words.
– *Everything in Free Trial.
Long-form – IV$199/month (Billed Monthly)
$1,592/year (Billed Annually)
– 800k Premium words OR 1,600k Average words OR 2,400k Economy words.
– *10 users.
– Everything in Free Trial.
Long-form – V$499/month (Billed Monthly)
$3,992/year (Billed Monthly)
– 2,000k Premium words OR 4,000k Average words OR 6,000k Economy words.
– *12 users.
– Everything in Free Trial.
Long-from – VI$999/month (Billed Monthly)
$7,992/year (Billed Annually)
– 4,000k Premium words OR 8,000k Average words OR 12,000k Economy words.
– *15 users.
– Everything in Free Trial.
Custom PlanTailored Prices.Custom words, users, templates, and more!
Account Manager.

*Premium, Average, and Economy are word quality parameters. You can toggle between the 3 qualities at any time while using Long-from Plans.

5. Jasper.ai – Fiction Writing With AI

jasper ai story generator

Jasper.ai Key Features

  • Jasper Chat powered by GPT-3.5.
  • Jasper Docs with Grammarly and Copyscape to create and edit in one place.
  • 25+ Input and Output languages (English, German, Dutch, French, and more).
  • 50+ templates, including Creative Story, Paragraph Generator, and more.
  • Content Improver improves your written piece.
  • Jasper Academy to master Jasper.ai.

Jasper.ai Overview

Jasper ai makes writing anything 5x easier and 10x faster. And if this was about the best AI text generators, I would have rated Jasper as the best tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content.

But this is about the best AI story generator tools around in 2023, and that’s a different ball game to sales pitches and blogs for search engines.

What limits Jasper’s creative capabilities is its reliance on the user’s input. You’ll need to provide at least a 3000-character prompt. Jasper will review that, pick up the tonality, and start generating the story.

So, if you mess up those 3000 characters, chances are Jasper will mess up the rest of the story. But if you nail it, Jasper will provide the perfect base to expand your story on. 

That’s the only thing you need to worry about with Jasper. Apart from that, Jasper.ai has the simplest of UIs. It is a little overpriced, but not for multifaceted users. Read the full Jasper.ai review here.

Jasper.ai Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Boss Mode – I$59/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$588/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Generate 50k words per month.
– Jasper Chat.
– Up to 5 users.
Boss Mode – II$99/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$984/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Generate 100k words per month.
– Jasper Chat.
– Grammarly integration.
Boss Mode – III$279/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$2784/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Generate 300k words per month.
– Everything in Boss Mode – I.
– Browser Extension.
Boss Mode – IV$600/month/user (Billed Monthly)
$6000/year/user (Billed Annually)
– Generate 700k words per month.
– Everything in Boss Mode – I & II.
– SEO Mode, Plagiarism Checker, Auto-Save.
Boss Mode Custom PlanCustom Pricing (Monthly & Annual Billing)– Generate 700k+ words per month.
– Include custom features and pay accordingly.
BusinessCustom Pricing (Monthly & Annual Billing)– Everything in Boss Mode.5+ users.
– Dedicated Account Manager.
– Onboarding & Training.

6. ClosersCopy – AI Story Generator & Expander


ClosersCopy Key Features

  • 2 AI Engines (GPT-3 & ClosersCopy’s Proprietary Artificial Intelligence).
  • Story AI- trained AI model for story writing.
  • Longform Content Generator to expand on ideas.
  • Unlimited Word Generation in 120+ Languages.
  • Integrated Thesaurus for improved vocabulary.
  • SEO Planner & Audits for online storytellers. 

ClosersCopy Overview

ClosersCopy, for me, is one of the most well-rounded AI story generators out there. It can help you generate new ideas or expand on your own, thanks to the 2 AI Engines behind it.

With 1-line prompts, ClosersCopy will create outlines of the whole story. And then you can take it on from there. All you have to do is pick a Genre, choose the story Length, decide on the storytelling Style, and viola!

If you hit a block or simply can’t be bothered with writing yourself, ClosersCopy’s StoryAI model and Longform template can take over and get it done.

Finally, you can share your stories with ClosersCopy’s Community of 12k+ members and get feedback in real-time. 

While impressive, ClosersCopy is a bit pricey in comparison to other tools. Maybe that’s why it’s not as popular as Rytr or Writesonic. Because its content is not far off from those two.

ClosersCopy Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Power$49.99/month (Billed Monthly)
$419.90/year (Billed Annually)
– 300 AI Runs per month.
– 2 users.700+ Frameworks.
– SEO Audit and Planner.
– Longform Copy.
Superpower$79.99/month (Billed Monthly)
$671.90/year (Billed Annually)
– Unlimited AI Runs.
– 3 users.
– Everything in Power.
Superpower Squad$99.99/month (Billed Monthly)
$839.90/year (Billed Annually)
– Unlimited AI Runs.
– 5 users.
– Everything in Power & Superpower.

7. ShortlyAI – Best AI Story Generator Tool for Beginners


ShortlyAI Key Features

  • Slider Output Length controls to write “A Little” or “A Lot” at once.
  • Command System lets you write and edit with /commands.
  • Expand, Rewrite, and Shorten to fine-tune your writing.
  • Video Script Writer generates video titles and outlines.

Shortly AI Overview

If you are not looking for something too fancy and get straight down to AI story generation, Shortly AI is the one!

With the simplest of UIs running on a /command system, Shortly AI has the easiest UX of all the tools on this list. Type /expand in the Content Editor and the AI will start detailing your short sentences and turn them into valuable content.

Similarly, type /shorten, and Shortly AI will skim the fluff.

There are not a lot of flashy features in Shortly AI to talk about. For $79/month, you’re getting a simple text generator that can create original content with minimal input.

Since Shortly AI was acquired by Conversion.ai (Jasper.ai), don’t expect Shortly AI to get revolutionary AI writing tools in the future.

But I think that’s a good thing. At least we’ll always have 1 AI story generator that doesn’t bombard us with features and lets us do exactly what we want to i.e story writing.

ShortlyAI Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Free Trial$0– 5 test runs.
Monthly Plan$79/month (Billed Monthly)– Unlimited words.
– Surfer SEO integration.
Annual Plan$780/year (Billed Annually)– Unlimited words.
– Use for 12 months, pay for 10.

8. DeepStory – AI Tool to Write Movie Scripts & Screenplays


DeepStory Key Features

  • AI-powered Script and Screenplay writing.
  • 9 Sample films to base your script/screenplay on.
  • Add Actions and Parentheticals to your story.
  • Generate Scenes from your script.
  • Use Dialogues and Characters and test scripts.

DeepStory Overview.

Although DeepStory is an AI story generator based on prompts, it’s actually quite different from other AI story generators out there.

DeepStory does help you write stories. But its USP is its scriptwriting prowess. Depending on how good your prompts are, DeepStory will help you polish your stories, and turn them into fully-formatted scripts.

Whether it’s TV or Movie Scripts, RPG Video Game Scripts, or YouTube Scripts, DeepStory’s AI can generate original content.

And this is just the free version. 

If you’re willing to pay approximately $14 every month, you get access to their Superior Language Model which generates higher quantity and quality content.

DeepStory Plans & Pricing

PlanWhat You PayWhat You Get
Trial Account$0– 10 Text Generations.
– Short-form output only.
– Watermarked output.
Premium$13.92/month (Monthly Billing)– Generate 10,000 words per month.
– Long & Short-form output.
– Autosave, Download, and Social Media Share.
– No more Watermarks.

Much like other AI tools, an AI story generator can pitch in with plenty of new ideas and unique take that can make your life a lot easier.

All you need is a vague idea of what you want to write about. These tools are powerful enough to give you a full short or long story in a matter of minutes.

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